The Bear Book (506) from Sirdar


The Bear Book (506)
Sue Jobson is known for her fantastic use of colour and for her exceptional ability to give the toys she designs so much character and charm that they really do come to life. This time round Sue has created a family of the softest, snuggliest Snowflake bears, each with their very own outfits and unique personalities. Emma is the trendiest little bear around, she has a cute little dress and a poncho with tasselled edge. Katie is Emma’s best friend, her dress has pockets with little heart motifs and she even has matching shoes. Jack and Alfie spend all day playing together and are a mischievous pair! Alfie wears a cabled knit that he absolutely loves. Jack has a funky orange sweater with star motif, he always makes sure he has his matching pom-pom scarf to keep him cosy and warm. Ruby is the girliest little ted around, she wears a pretty white and denim blue dress with a matching wrap. Bobby is a tom-boy and loves messing around in her dungarees, although she is a playful bear she always makes sure she is looking after her little friend Ruby.

Yarns Used:
Snuggly Snowflake Chunky and Snuggly DK

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