Crochet Designs for Girls and Boys - Lucinda Guy - from Rowan Yarns



Crochet Designs for GIrls and Boys by Lucinda Guy Crochet is becoming increasingly popular as people tune in to its versatility as a textile and enjoy the experience of learning a new needlecraft. Lucinda Guy, whose handknit designs for little children have a firm fan base, has joined the growing band of designers interested in working in crochet, and her designs in this book include both simple-to-work projects and those which more experienced crocheters will enjoy, no doubt delighted to find a new and exciting source of patterns for little kids.

You can take your pick from 20 designs, including toys like the Ariadne doll or Wilbur the Whale, a sweet pinafore dress with matching flowery scarf, a cosy winter coat, a boy's tank top adorned with a little snail motif, or a couple of colourful blankets – knitted in Rowan 4 ply and DK wool and cotton yarns.

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Our staff have had many years experience of working with Rowan yarns. Rowan designs never date but sometimes the colours and qualities that were once the original designs, have to be substituted; we can advise on the nearest shades.

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