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Circular Needles

Circular Needles 40cm/16insCircular Needles 40cm/16ins
Circular Needles 60cm/24insCircular Needles 60cm/24ins
Circular Needles 80cm/32insCircular Needles 80cm/32ins
Circular Needles 100cm/40insCircular Needles 100cm/40ins
Circular Bamboo NeedlesCircular Bamboo Needles
These needles are of the finest quality and superbly made. We know of no others like them. They are quiet, light, and lovely to hold. The unique metal joint between the flexible cord and bamboo needle enables the yarn to glide over without snagging.
Addi Knitting Needles (Circular)Addi Knitting Needles (Circular)
The fast needles. Very soft cord with smooth transfer. Won't snag. Metric size stamped on needle. Yarn slides easily. Brass tips. Can't rust. Quiet and very fast. The perfect needle.
* Turbo is the name given in the USA. For the European market this name has been dropped, but they are exactly the same needles from the same factory in Germany.
KnitPro Nova Circular NeedlesKnitPro Nova Circular Needles
Engineered from hollow brass pipes and plated with high quality nickel, its polished surface is a knitters delight Sharp and gradually tapered points are ideal for all knitting projects Light weight insures comfort in the hand and hours of stress free, satisfying knitting Durability of brass metal guarantees minimal wear and maximum life Smooth join enables easy stitch glide and no snagging A streamlined manufacturing process makes Nova needles highly affordable The exceptionally smooth surface enables the stitches to move quickly and with no resistance Resilient and flexible cables lay flat with no kink or twist easy to store KnitPro Nova - the best & most affordable metal needle


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